Hello! I am so glad you are here!

The best way to start our relationship together is by getting to know each other! I can’t expect you to open up about all.the.things. about you if you don’t know a little about me first!  

I'm Mariah, mother to two sweet boys, who keep growing like weeds even though every year I tell them this will be the one when I finally figure out how to shrink them!  I've been married to the love of my life, Jason, for over ten years, and still get all the feels when we get any kind of alone time together (which let’s be honest, with two small boys isn’t always as often as I’d like).  I love candy (hot tamales are my jam), murder mystery novels & the Bachelor is one of my (not so secret now...) guilty pleasures.  I'm a somewhat lapsed world traveler, a little horse crazy, and I've found friends in many of the books I've read.  I'm a firm believer in family, traditions and Christmas.  I believe laughter can fix almost anything and I am fortunate to be surrounded by it more often than not.  

I have been photographing weddings for the last five years.  I love weddings, I adore love.  I fall in love with each and every one of my couples (and usually their entire extended family too!) and I'm so grateful to be allowed to capture love and the real moments of weddings.   I love being able to share in the joy and capture it through my photography.  I’m also passionate about making the experience as pain free for you as possible. I understand the stresses that can come along with planning a wedding and the day when it finally arrives. I want you to feel like we’re old friends by the time your wedding finally arrives so that I can be there for you and help you roll with the punches that might be thrown your way along the journey. I pride myself on being organized and on time and I want my experience photographing weddings to help lift you and put you at ease. (And fair warning for when we meet - I'm a hugger!) 

Part of my passion for photography also stems from my love of photographing my own children - capturing their personalities and who they are in each moment.  Heaven knows their favorite things change all the time and these years have been flying by faster than I care to admit.  My time with them seems ever more fleeting and I treasure the images I have that remind me who they are, and were. I want to give you these same moments. Playful and honest and allow kids and moments be what they already are. There is beauty in every single day if we take the time to notice.  

Above is my life, in photograph.