Frequently Asked Questions

How do you approach your photography?

My style is pretty relaxed and natural, I want to make our time together as easy as possible for you. Kids are crying? No big deal, I have my own and I certainly understand they don’t cooperate every (or is it any?!) time I want them to.  I think I'm pretty funny and will likely try to convince you of the same during our sessions as well.  I like to capture moments as they occur in front of me.  Whether that be as a Lifestyle Session in your home with your family and children, or on your wedding day surrounded by loved ones.  I want to witness and capture you as you naturally are, without distraction of too much, or too specific, posing or even needing you to pay too much attention to me.  I want to show you all the love and happiness I see when I am with you.  I want you to have that to hold on to for years to come.  

What can I expect if you photograph my wedding day?

You can expect that I will show up prepared to bear witness to your day and feel what you are experiencing.  By the time we reach your wedding day, I want to feel like old friends - I can be caught wiping my eyes during a ceremony, your father/daughter dance or even a fantastic toast!   I like to photograph weddings with a more photojournalistic style and anticipate the emotions you, your family and guests will be feeling throughout the day.  Weddings are always surrounded by beauty and love and often needs very little manipulation on my part.  I pride myself on being organized and available to you prior to your wedding to ensure that you have to worry about me as little as possible that day. 

What can I expect during my engagement session?

I love engagement sessions!  Sessions last about an hour and I love taking this time to better get to know my wedding clients.  This is a great way to "break the ice" and I like to spend a lot of this time just hanging out and getting to know you.  You WILL feel awkward for the first few moments you're in front of my camera, but these sessions really help ease the tension so that when we're together on your wedding day, it will be easy.  During your engagement session, I will direct you as necessary, but what I'm most interested in is getting to know you and capturing your love for each other as you naturally express it!

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is about capturing you and your family in this moment in time.  Who each of you are now and what that means for your collective family.  I find that the best way to do this is in your own home or a location that is important to your family, somewhere that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed.  If your family loves to play board games together - let’s capture that!  If you love hiking and being in nature - let's go play in the woods!  If your child wants to put on a puppet show for you (and me!) I want to see it.  If your favorite activity is snuggling under a blanket on your bed or couch, that’s what I want to help you remember right now.  These are the moments I treasure, and want to remember, most with my own family and I want you to have that as well.

What can I expect during my family session?

Typical sessions last about 45 minutes and can include whatever activities you would like to do with your family.  I generally won't direct the activity but instead like to watch as you naturally interact with one another.  I want you to feel comfortable with me in your home and I want you to know what to expect when I come.  Because of that, I have prepared a few questions for you to think about and respond to prior to our session, which I will send to you once your session has been booked. 

What should I wear for my family or portrait session? 

I find that people are the most beautiful in clothing they are comfortable in.  Clothes that allow you to move and not have to worry about their exact placement in each image, allow you to focus more on your loved ones than your appearance.  After all, the connections you have with each other are what we are most interested in capturing!  That being said, I do find that clothing without logos or slogans on them, keep your outfit from looking "dated".  There are many options for pairing clothes together without being "match-y".  I have created a Pinterest board here of examples if you would like to take a look! 

What is the Investment?

Wedding Investment begins at $2,200.  

Portrait Investment begins at $225 for 45 minutes.  

Please contact me for more information and to discuss your specific session!