Client Testimonials


Mariah along with her assistant Holly, was truly amazing to work with! She took the time prior to the wedding day to get to know us as a couple and used that to capture what we truly valued throughout the day! Mariah is organized, caring, and very very talented! We highly recommend her! Thank you!


I have no idea how photographers do it, but in my opinion, a good photographer captures a feeling - an emotion. Mariah perfectly captured the love in our family. She managed to get just the right shots to portray all the love and laughter we share together.  

The most amazing thing about Mariah's photography is her ability to capture un-staged moments. Moments that you can't recreate. Sincere emotion. I look at these pictures and see happiness, and love, and support, and everything that's good between family and friends.

Thank you Mariah, for this unbelievably perfect gift. These pictures are exactly what Joe and I were looking for...absolutely perfect. 


 Mariah captures the “in-between-poses-moments” that mean more to me than the perfectly matched holiday sweaters and unique backdrops.  She came to our home for our first session and happily followed my children around as they introduced her to our pets and their favorite outdoor activities.  Her warm personality put them at ease and they were quickly asking her to take photos of the most absurd things, which she gladly obliged.  We did several family poses, saying silly things to make my children laugh and catching every special moment that we were sharing.  She captured moments that I had always hoped that our family would have together but never realized that we were already having.  It’s these photos with sincere smiles and laughs that mean more to us than anything, and they look amazing on our mantle.  

We look forward to working with Mariah in the future as she continues to capture our family, in the moment, being “us.”  She is incredibly talented, knowing just when to take a photo and in the perfect lighting with the best background.  My entire family was completely at ease while working with her, allowing us to relax and be ourselves.  (She didn’t even think twice about getting in the freezing cold stream to capture photos of my boys throwing rocks in!)  Her warm personality and natural talent allow her to produce the most beautiful images that truly capture who we are at this moment in time, which is something I will treasure forever.