65th Anniversary Celebration, Grandma & Grandpa

My grandparents have always ALWAYS been two of the most important people in my life, ranked only slightly behind my parents and, now, husband.  And this year they are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.  This is a big deal.  65 years with the same person.  They know each other inside and out.  They have raised 6 kids together and watched 13 grandchildren grow up and now 3 great grandchildren.  They have lost parents, siblings, a son in law, a grandchild.  They have been through almost everything together.  

So I decided I needed to capture them.  For them.  For myself.  For my family.  Things that remind me who they are.  For grandpa, his garden and workshop have always been a part of who he is to me.  He is an excellent woodworker and harvests fresh lettuce, cucumbers and beans in the summer months, more than we can usually eat.   If you're ever looking for him, check his back yard first, and then his workshop.  For grandma, it's always been her paintings.  She's been a painter for as long as I can remember, longer than I can remember actually.  She attended the Art Institute as a young woman, and still participates in a weekly art club.  I have paintings of hers hanging in my home, as do many of my family members.    

And then there's the two of them together.  Really, you can't have H (grandma) without Skeeter (grandpa) and vice versa.  They are pillars of our community, faithful members of our church and grandpa has held just about every job you can imagine in our town.  And they still make each other laugh after all these years (as you'll see below).  

I'm pretty sure they think I'm a little crazy for wanting to document them so much recently, (there was a bit of "is she done yet?", "whispered" between the two of them, though I am not so hard of hearing) But these photos mean so much to me, and I know will be treasured within our family.