We entered the world of organized sports this spring, and I couldn't be more in love with the team H was drafted on.  The Dodgers.  What a great little team.  These kids played their hearts out this season, and it paid off.  They ended up first in the rookie league, but it never really mattered to their Coach, Coach Fred.  I can't say enough good things about him.  He taught these kids about the game, about sportmanship, about having fun.  He never let them get caught up in the score, but always insisted that they enjoy themselves.  He not only coached our team, but encouraged our opponents as well.  He knew that these were young kids playing and the game is supposed to be fun.  Coach Fred knew how to be firm when necessary, but made sure to acknowledge hard work and effort, every time.  And these kids; they were a great group, every one of them encouraged the others, they were polite, they were enthusiastic and they grew by leaps and bounds during this season.  It happened more than once that our opponents' coaches and parents took notice of our team's character.  And it makes me proud.  Proud that we are raising good young men, and women.  Below I've captured some highlights from our season as Dodgers.  

So for the last time, to make sure everyone knows who we are: 

dodgers, Dodgers, DODGERS!!