December 2017, 365 photographs

The last month! I have completed my first 365 project! (Full disclosure, my broken collarbone has left me a few days short, but I most definitely shot over 365 photos this year, so I'm calling it a win nonetheless!) 

To be completely honest I am not sure how much my photography has grown from this project.  For quite a few days of the year, I photographed just about anything in order to be able to say that I did it.  However, with this project in mind, I captured many photographs that I cherish and may not have otherwise photographed if I hadn't forced myself to pick up my camera daily.  And on top of that, I'm pretty proud to have reached this accomplishment.  I'm giving myself a break for the next year on the 365, but it's definitely a project I would revisit in the future. 

Colorado Vacation

Colorado.  Oh my heart.  

This vacation, I almost don't have words to describe it.  This was N's first time on an airplane (he shouted "we're flying!" as soon as the plane took off and it was amazing).  The boys were able to see some of our favorite places in Colorado, from Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, to my brother's cabin and property, and our home away from home, Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs.  We visited family, the boys played with their cousins and we were able to stay with, and visit so many friends.  My heart was full the entire trip.  We were our best selves in Colorado.  Please excuse this, slightly excessive, share as I just can't help myself.