The Big 0-5

Five.  This is a big year, this is big kid territory.  This is the year we will face kindergarten and all the ups and downs of a school day and routine.  I feel unprepared to let go of H's babyhood and embrace this new big kid in my home.  He's the baby that made me a mom, he is the first child I have cried over, worried about and celebrated.  And now he is the one who will venture out first to find his own way at school.  And I worry about the changes, and if we've adequately prepared him for all that is to come. 

But.  This first day into five was fun.  We were filled with joy and superheroes and friends and family.  We partied and played.  And we tucked to bed the happiest little five year old I've ever seen.  I feel blessed for the people in our life that care for this newly five year old as much as we do.  It was a good day.  And so with that I will celebrate the future of five, and all the great big kid stuff we have to look forward to.