You Are My Wild

I am your Parent; You are my Child.  I am your quiet place;  You are my wild. 

-MaryAnn Cusimano Love

I set a goal for myself to have a photograph of one, or both, of my children that reminds me who they are, or were, for each week of the year.  I didn’t know if I would do it.  Life gets busy and sometimes, only sometimes, I put my camera down.  

But I did it.  I created a set of photos that I am proud of.  I am happy to have reached my goal, of course, but I am also proud to have photographs that show both my children’s growth and my own growth as a photographer.  These two little men inspire me.  I want to capture their youth and their personalities and stow it away to look upon later and remember the giggles, the truck sounds, the fights, and most particularly the love.