Julia & Corey, Ligonier Country Inn Wedding

Julia and Corey would not let anything dampen their spirits on their wedding day, despite the rain and their outdoor ceremony being moved inside.  They realized that neither the weather nor the location of their ceremony was the part of the day that mattered.  What mattered was being with their family and loved ones, and their friends who traveled from all over to celebrate.  What mattered was being together and their love and commitment to each other.  

So we dealt with a little rain, and I was lucky enough that their adventurous spirit still shone through and they trusted me when I asked them to walk into the woods, through the mud and rocks, out to Beams Rock to get some amazing shots.  

Thank you Julia and Corey for letting me spend the day with you and your lovely friends and family.  Some favorites are below.  

Photographed through Jessica Vogelsang Photography