Pittsburgh Engagement

Ligonier Engagement Session, Heather and Mike

Heather and Mike have been together for a very long time. You can tell how much comfort they find in each other. They first met in their 7th grade English class, when they were paired together to work on a paper about one another.  Mike had just transferred schools, and was less than thrilled with the move, and so the only info Mike shared about himself was that he liked pizza. Thankfully Heather was able to break down those walls and the two officially started dating in 9th grade. I think the move worked out quite well for Mike as he found his best friend in that school - and the two still enjoy pizzas almost every weekend!

I met them in Ligonier for their engagement photos in and around the Ligonier Diamond. You could tell Heather felt a little nervous as we began, but Mike helped put her at ease and we had a fun time walking around the town. Heather has the loveliest smile and Mike is a pro at bringing it out. I am so looking forward to seeing the two of them again this fall! Some favorites are below!

Pittsburgh Engagement Session, Jess & Zach

I met Jess and Zach in Oakland to photograph their engagement session on Pitt’s campus and around the Cathedral of Learning. See - part of their love story revolves around this campus. Zach attended Pitt for college while Jess often came to visit friends and one particular evening they found each other at a party and knew there was something special here. Fast forward a few years and they found the distance between them to be more and more difficult and knew that they wanted nothing more than to be together. These two are kind and warm with each other and it’s clear how much they enjoy each other’s company. Which, of course, makes my job all the easier when all I have to do is capture their natural chemistry and affection. I am very much looking forward to spending more time with them and continuing to capture their love story at their wedding next year! Jess & Zach, thank you so much for such a fun evening! xoxo