The W Family, Ligonier Family Photographer

I've known the W family and Leah my whole life, they're part of my church family, part of my community.  Leah is the girl that can light up a room with her smile and laugh.  It's contagious.  Recently this family has been dealt a tough hand with unexpected medical issues, which have hit them emotionally, spiritually and financially.   

I wanted to give them something positive to remember this time in their lives.  To remember the love, the laughter and all the fun and goofiness being the parents of a 2 year old can bring.   To remember that they can always count on family to support and lift them up when they're struggling.  To know that their sweet baby boy adores them.  Below are some of my favorite images from our evening together.  

If you are interested and able to help this beautiful family, please click this link: