Foggy Mountain Lodge, Stahlstown PA Wedding, Molly & Greg

On the day of their wedding, I arrived at Foggy Mountain Lodge in Stahlstown PA to photograph Molly about an hour before her first look with Greg.  She was so calm and collected.  You could tell that this was a moment she'd been planning, and was ready, for.  You see, Molly and Greg both knew early on that they had found something special in each other.  They spent hours talking on their first date and it only took a few more dates for them to each be sure they had found their person.  When Greg saw Molly for the first time on their wedding day, he was, quite literally, speechless.  The way he looked at her, and wrapped his arms around her, you knew this was something great.  And from that moment on they were both just happy, relaxed and ready for this day, the first of many days, in their lives together.  

Below I have gathered some of my favorite images to share! 

Special thanks to Jamie Leonard for second shooting with me on this lovely day.  Her images are mixed with mine above and you can check out all of her lovely work here!