Tips for Your Getting Ready Photos

Getting ready on your wedding is a very exciting portion of your day.  It's a time to relax with all of your favorite ladies (or gentleman!) and take some moments to yourself before the excitement (and sometimes anxiety!) of the rest of your day begins. 

Here I'd like to share a few tips with you for getting fantastic images of this very special part of your day!

I have found that it's usually best for me to arrive about 45 minutes before you plan to put your dress on.  This gives me plenty of time to capture the details of your day, as well as the finishing touches of your hair and makeup and the fun and anticipation you share with your bridal party.  I like to tell the story of your morning, but this does not mean that I need to be there as soon as you wake up.    

Ligonier wedding photographer, details wedding photography.jpg


Take a moment and look around the space where you are getting ready.  Does it look the way you envision your wedding day to be represented when you look back on it?  Or is it full of empty drinks and food containers?  If you're anything like me, I can't seem to keep a space clean in my own home for more than 5 minutes!  Sometimes these items are important and help further the story of your day, but other times items that you'd rather not have photographed are left out in view.  It's good to know that I do not stage the environments I photograph on wedding days.  I like to document the day naturally and not impose or rearrange too often.  So if you think you may not appreciate that pink VS bag when you look back on your photos, it might be worth a few moments to pick up and declutter your space before I arrive.   


Window light is your best friend on the morning of your wedding!  Putting on your dress, and having your hair and makeup done beside a window offers soft natural light on you which is a bonus for both me and your stylist!  Once I arrive, I will often scope out the area and make suggestions for the best place for you to stand, whether it's for your makeup or for finally getting to put on your dress.  


Finally, have fun! This is a great time to relax, celebrate with a toast and enjoy the last few moments before you get married with some of your closest friends and family!  Cheers!